About Us

Creative Theater was formed in 2016 by several theater professionals who saw a need for quality Community Theater and Arts Education. Each of these founders had previously desired to launch their own organization, and one day through conversations, realized they all shared the same dream…..to pass on to others the “love of theater.” By uniting their time, energy, resources, and expertise, Creative Theater was commenced, thus fulfilling their dreams by making new experiences for others.

Mission Statement

Creative Entertainment, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to entertain, enrich, and educate through high quality productions and programs which expose the community to the excitement of The Arts.

Vision Statement

To enrich the community through sustainable quality programs that inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to experience, participate, and appreciate The Arts.


  • To be recognized as a significant cultural asset to the Community
  • To introduce patrons to all forms of Art, Entertainment, Media, and Expression
  • To create or host quality Shows, Community Events, Classes, and Workshops
  • To encourage participation from those we serve
  • To provide quality education and professional training in all disciplines of Music, Dance, and Theater
  • To be a leader in Community Service and raising Awareness for related causes
  • To be fiscally responsible to Partners who invest and sponsor programs

Board of Directors

Creative Theater was founded by six Theater Professionals who each have many years of experience in the world of theater. Each has collaborated on various shows and projects all consider East Tennessee their home.

Our Board of Directors has worked for some of the most respected companies in the industry such as: Sight and Sound Theaters, Dollywood, Gary Musick Productions, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and production shows in New York, Las Vegas, and Branson. Our professionals have appeared in or worked on Movies, Musicals, National Touring Shows, Circuses, and Television Specials in positions of Casting Directors, Producers, Technicians, Actors, Singers, Dancers, Marketing and Advertising.

Advisory Committee

The Board of Directors believes that in order to be successful and achieve our plans for growth, that we need guidance from an Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is comprised of twenty members of the Community who share their advice, knowledge, time, resources, and expertise.

Additionally, these leaders also spearhead the Sub-Committees of Volunteers, Auditions, Educational Programs, Donor Services, Marketing, Advertising, Budget and Finance, and Data Research.


We believe that this Non-Profit can only be as strong as the volunteers who participate. We welcome members of the community of all ages to be a part of The Arts. There are various capacities in which you can serve.

We are actively searching for talented singers, dancers, and musicians to be a part of the performances. There is a need for people interested in learning about the Technical aspects of scenic constructions, painting, lighting, costumes, and sound.

​Learn More About Volunteering with Creative Theater

​For those who are not interested in the razzle-dazzle aspect of Show Business, we have many other opportunities for volunteers such as administrative assistants, marketing, advertising, ushering, concessions, ticket sales, and many other areas of need. If you are able to help, we will match your skill set with a department you can help.