Arts Academy (Old)

Creative Classes offer an opportunity to improve your audition, learn how to be in a show, understand the basics of performing, create original characters, and have a great time.

Our theater professionals have years of experience and are excited to share their knowledge. You will gain confidence, become comfortable speaking in front of others, use your imagination, step out of your comfort zone, and make new friends.

We offer private lessons and classes in numerous disciplines. We understand some participants are beginners, while others already have experience so we custom fit our programs to fit your needs.

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Current Arts Academy Classes:

Exciting new program on the way! New schedule to be posted soon.

Please e-mail us your course & workshop requests.

Private Lessons

Our instructors have different times and days available to work with you. Some participants attend ongoing weekly lessons while others only need a few sessions to prepare for a talent competition, show or pageant.  We can discuss your needs and try to find the right fit.

Prices vary based on your needs.

  • Dance – jazz, tap, ballet, musical theater, hip hop
  • Voice Lessons –beginner or advanced
  • Acting Lessons – scripted or improv
  • Music Lessons – piano, guitar, brass
  • Stage Presence – giving a speech, sales presentation, solo performance

If you have  questions, would like more information, or to register please Email Contact Us

We frequently add new classes and workshops, so check back often. If you are looking for training in an area not listed above, please call to check availability for private instruction.