10 results for group: volunteer

Jan Christy

Jan provides administrative and organizational support to the Executive Producer & makes sure all Donors and Sponsors receive the perks and acknowledgment based on the level of giving. More

Claudia Castro

Claudia books the venue to ensure there is no double bookings and works with people who want to rent the facility & publishes posts on Facebook and Instagram to draw volunteers and attendees. More

Sharon Hazard

Sharon designs, develops and produces all our logo apparel and merchandise. She makes sure our brand gets out in the Community More

Summer Payne

Summer plans and implements the Half Way party, Cast Party, presents for the Cast, Crew and Directors, Candy Grams, and meals. More

TJ Wilhelm

TJ orders supplies and trains volunteers working in Concessions during performances More

Brittney Davis

Brittney ensures auditions are handled professionally and consistent More

Nedra Tillman

Nedra develops lists to get posters out to specific targeted locations and assigns those delivery routes More

Jessica Dillingham

Jessica loads the shows into the system, trains others how to use the system, oversees new internet needs, and responds to guest calls and emails More

Amy Lane

Amy lets volunteers know when events and activities are happening at the theater. More

Kym Tedders

Kym coordinates and trains all of our amazing volunteers. More