Ticket sales generate only a portion of our income and do not cover all our expenses. We rely on tax deductible gifts from our Patrons and Sponsors to help keep production levels high and ticket cost low.

Please consider one of the following options


Volunteer Your Time
Participate by performing, marketing, ushering, decorating, or many other opportunities

Donation of Services
Help by offering your specialized skills such as photography, accounting, construction

Financial Gift
Contribute monetary gifts and receive tiered perks based on giving


Full Season Sponsor
Be the Principal Benefactor of all Programs for the entire year

Single Show Sponsor
Select a single Event to be recognized as the business whose support made that show possible

In-Kind Donation
Share products and resources such as meals, advertising, office supplies

Education Program Sponsor
Enable our outreach in schools and libraries to inspire and teach future Artists

Advertise in Printed Booklet
Connect with Patrons by placing your Brand in the hands of the audience

Whether as an audience member, volunteer or sponsor, we offer opportunities for people of all ages and any skill level to participate and experience The Arts.