Corporate Support

Ticket sales generate only a portion of our income and do not cover all our expenses. We rely on tax-deductible gifts from our patrons and sponsors to help keep production levels high and ticket cost low.

Creative Theater is a vibrant and vital organization that thrives because of support from many businesses in our community, in particular businesses like yours.

You, as a supporter of the arts in Sevier County, understand our value. Please consider sponsoring a show and be a provider of something very special: Creative Community Theater.

Sponsorships are customizable for each business to connect your brand with our patrons and maximize the benefits for your organization’s goals.

Here are your sponsoring options.

Full Season Sponsor

  • $1,000 per performance $12,000 total
  • Covers the expenses of facility rental, insurance and marketing materials

Benefits include the following for all Shows:

  • Exposure to all patrons over the course of the year
  • 250,000 impressions from marketing campaign including
  • Social media
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Internet strategies
  • Acknowledgment in press releases as Primary Benefactor
  • Name and logo on Creative Theater website and cover of the program booklet
  • “Thank You” note in 2019 brochure
  • ALL perks listed for “Single Show Sponsor”
  • ALL perks listed in “Donations Opportunities”

Single Show Sponsor

  • $1,000 per performance – $3,000 total
  • Covers the expenses of show royalties, music licensing, and audio equipment
  • Each show is performed three days and is funded by two Single Show Sponsors and Full Season Sponsor.

Benefits include the following for your specific show:

  • Name and logo listed on the title page of the program booklet and promo materials
  • Company logo with web link on Creative Theater website and e-newsletter
  • Announced as a sponsor from the stage prior to the performance
  • Lobby display for the duration of your production
  • Full-page advertisement in the program booklet for the 2019 season
  • ALL Perks listed in “Donations Opportunities”

Donation Opportunities

  • Tax receipt reflecting donation
  • Name listed in the show program
  • $2.00 discount on tickets
  • Tickets available before release to public
  • Recognition on our website
  • Complimentary Creative Theater t-shirt
  • Invitation to the dress rehearsal
  • Photo opportunities with the cast
  • Backstage tour
  • Invitation to Opening Night Cast Party
  • 8 tickets to a performance
  • Invite to Donor Appreciation Party

In-Kind Donations

We accept contributions of products and services from companies who can share their valuable resources to support our mission.

Example of Resources needed, but not a complete list:

  • Office Supplies
  • Computers
  • Meals for volunteers and banquets
  • Items for silent auction raffles
  • Construction materials
  • Media support
  • Print
  • Internet
  • Newspaper
  • Television
  • Radio

Your company will receive a tax receipt reflecting the value of your gift and you will be granted the perks listed here.

Advertise In Printed Booklet

A limited number of pages are available for your business to share your brand with our patrons. Program booklets are distributed to audience members to keep as souvenirs and contain information on the cast, director, and the businesses who have made the show possible.

Education Workshops

An important component of Creative Theater is the educational aspect. Our theater professionals have years of experience and believe in the importance of teaching their craft.

Creative Theater offers eight educational programs to high schools to engage students who are interested in different areas of theater. Additionally, if your school has a specific need, we may be able to develop a new program to connect with your students

Summary of Programs:

Choreography – Our professionals will create movement for beginners or advanced students. We will encourage beginners with dance routines that will help them become comfortable with movement so that they will be ready if asked to move in a show or audition. For more advanced dancers we will push them to a new level by opening their eyes to different types of theatrical dance and movement techniques.

Auditions – One of the tools to help students develop into a professional theater performer is proper audition techniques. Our professionals will help your students learn how to audition and what promotional materials are needed. We share with the students how to prepare their repertoire before heading out to audition in the professional world. Students will learn about conferences that audition thousands of performers at a time, how to choose the proper song or monologue, how to audition in New York, and how to get your headshot to the right people. By the time we finish we believe that every student will be prepared and confident in their future auditions.

“A Life in Theater” – Some of our professionals have traveled nationally and internationally during their theater career. These professionals will let your students know how they were paid to do what they love. They will explore the pros and cons of the touring performer and share personal experiences from the road.

Technical Lighting – For your technically savvy students we have professionals that will help them learn how to create magic on the stage. From basic lighting techniques to creating beautiful theatrical landscapes of light, your students will learn from some of the best in the business. They can even help them tackle the treacherous lighting board which can unravel even the best young technical students.

Technical Sound – One of the most challenging tasks for students in technical theater is sound. We will cover the basics of sound effects, microphone levels, music levels, and tuning the room. We share insight on the importance of proper microphone placement, and the subtle ways that “atmospheric enhancement” can complement your performance.

Director’s Perspective – One of the most difficult things a young actor faces is trying to cope with the decisions of their director. Let some of our professionals who have directed many shows open up the world of direction to your students. They will learn why some decisions are made, how a director adapts from the script to the stage and why some decisions are best left in the hands of the director. The students will learn about different styles of directing and how each director sees a show differently. It will also prepare them for some of the many personalities they will see in the professional world.

Improv – Learn to use props and spur of the moment thinking to quickly develop scenes that can go in any direction. The goal is not to be the funniest or wackiest, but instead to challenge creative thinking to build off of one another’s ideas to enhance the overall story and plot.

Theming – The show is more than just what happens on stage. Learn the tricks developed by the Masters of Themeing, Disney. Understand the importance of a clean venue, the smells, the music playing in the lobby, the ease of parking. All these physiological tricks are important to the “show before the show” and are crucial in the audience enjoying the performance.

Special Needs – How can we help with a project you may not have the resources to tackle? Need curtains rehung in a different place? Need a specialized lifting machine to change lamps? Need a dressing room rebuilt? Need a poster designed? Want an acapella song arranged for a choir concert? Need to borrow a magic trick or special effect? Let us know what your specific needs are and allow us to see if we have the resources or knowledge to help.

About Creative Theater’s Staff:

Our instructors have worked for some of the most respected companies in the industry such as Sight and Sound Theaters, Dollywood, Gary Musick Productions, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and production shows in New York, Vegas, and Branson. Our professionals have appeared in or worked on Movies, Musicals, National Touring Shows, Circuses, and Television Specials in positions of Casting Directors, Producers, Technicians, Actors, Singers, Dancers, Marketing and Advertising.

Great Reasons for your Company to Support the Arts

The arts are essential to the health and vitality of neighborhoods, cities, states, and our nation. They enhance community development, create jobs, spur urban renewal, attract new businesses, and create an environment that attracts skilled and educated workers.

Celebrating the arts is a way to build a powerful presence and engage with multiple members of the community quickly and effectively. Theaters, museums, symphonies, dance performances, festivals, and more allow you to reach new customers.

Whether it’s showing off their own talent in an art show, battle of the bands, or volunteering for
local art groups, The Arts allow your employees to demonstrate their creative skills and develop new abilities.

When you partner to support local theater, music, dance, and public art, you help make your community more attractive.

The perfect way to inspire employees and say “Thanks” is by providing season memberships or tickets to events.